A week ago, League of Legends engineer Riot Games reported it had some unique new skins in progress for its leader MOBA game, including an up and coming Legendary “Dragonmancer” skin for jumper Champion Lee Sin. Presently, the studio’s posted a lot of PBE reviews on Twitter giving us a look a some sparkling new styles while in transit to the game’s trying workers – and it turns out a lot of the best League of Legends Champions are in for mythical beast themed looks soon.

The first of two see cuts incorporates that Legendary Lee Sin skin. Up to this point, its official name wasn’t uncovered by Riot, however now we realize it’s called ‘Tempest Dragon Lee Sin’. As should be obvious beneath, in-game the Champ’s new look mirrors that gleaming blue, electric quality that was prodded in his sprinkle craftsmanship. “A Warrior parsimonious overwhelmed by an electrical energy for equity,” its depiction peruses on Riot’s blog entry, “Lee Sin ascended the heap of the Storm Dragon, planning to get his approval.

With respect to the next group of skins, the rundown of fortunate Champs incorporates Fae Dragon Ashe, Eternal Dragon Brand, Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol, and afterward Obsidian Dragon Sett (who gets a Prestige Edition skin, as well). Like Lee Sin’s these all have a comparative particular, shining, electric vitality, with mythical beasts woven into the Champ’s capacities – investigate:


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