AMD’s last clump of new illustrations cards, the midrange Radeon RX 5700 arrangement, didn’t wow with their plans or very good quality execution — however the new Radeon RX 6000 seems as though it could really be the hotly anticipated solution to Nvidia’s lead designs cards.

At the point when I state “appears as though,” I mean it actually, however: AMD uncovered the plan of its new card on Twitter today, and its triple-fan, monster cover, and twin 8-pin power connectors show it’s outwardly prepared to fill the role.

Amazingly, AMD is letting you look at a full render of the card in its own Fortnite island, however we don’t expect numerous shocks that you can’t as of now find in the full, high-res picture beneath:

AMD ought to be officially uncovering the RX 6000 arrangement at an occasion on October 28th, well after the $700 Nvidia RTX 3080 ships yet possibly before you purchase a $500 RTX 3070, which is set to show up in October too. Maybe it merits holding back to perceive what sort of execution AMD’s card has at its disposal. The new GPUs will have the equivalent GPU engineering as the PS5 and Xbox Series S and X, incidentally.


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