On the off chance that you were concerned Chris Hemsworth would hang up Mjölnir after Thor: Love and Thunder, here’s some uplifting news: Hemsworth is staying. The entertainer says he has no designs to quit playing the God of Thunder whenever later on, so at whatever point they get around to making more Marvel films, he’s certain to be included.

Robert Downey Jr. furthermore, Chris Evans have both resigned from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and keeping in mind that Scarlett Johannsson’ Black Widow has her own film coming out, it’s a prequel and her character is actually dead in the present, so she’s probably going to be finished with the establishment too. Be that as it may, Chris Hemsworth doesn’t see retirement in his future.

Hemsworth will play Thor again in Thor: Love and Thunder, and keeping in mind that talking with Elle Man, he affirmed he doesn’t expect that forthcoming film to be Thor’s last hurrah. “I’m not going into any retirement period,” the entertainer said. “Thor is excessively youthful for that. I’m just 1500 years of age! It is certainly not a film that I bid farewell to this brand. In any event I trust so.”

“After reading the script, I can say that I am very excited. For sure there will be a lot of love and a lot of lightning in this production (laughs). I’m glad that after all that happened in Avengers: Endgame, I’m still part of the Marvel Universe and we can continue the story of Thor. Of course, I can’t tell you anything about the plot, but to satisfy your curiosity, I’ll say that I had a lot more fun reading the script than on Thor Ragnarok, and that proves something, because this movie was brilliant.”


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