Hugo Weaving wouldn’t be gotten dead in those pointy ears once more. The entertainer has gone on record expressing that he wants to play the Elven ruler Elrond once more, a character who will show up in Amazon’s up and coming Lord of the Rings arrangement.

Weaving, who played the Lord of Rivendell in both the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, was inquired as to whether he would be available to repeating the character of Elrond for the Amazon arrangement, which will likewise include the recognizable characters Galadriel and Sauron.

“No way. Absolutely no,” Weaving told Variety. The actor was, however, open to playing the villainous Agent Smith again in The Matrix 4 — which is back in production after the pandemic temporarily shut down filming — but scheduling conflicts nixed that from happening for him.

“Matrix might have happened,” he says. “But Lord of the Rings, no, I would never — I’m not interested in that at all. Look, I loved being in New Zealand with all those great people, and it was like going back to a family but actually, to be honest, I think everyone had more than enough of it.”

The long-lived, half-elven Elrond was the captain and herald of Gil-Galad, the High King of the Ñoldor, during the Second Age. During this time, Elrond fought in the War of the Last Alliance, which saw Men and Elves battling against Sauron. These events were depicted in Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring.


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