As a major aspect of Gamescom’s Awesome Indies grandstand, Ghostrunner got another mystery this end of the week. It quickly flaunts its neon-drenched city and a portion of the principal individual divider running and human cutting ongoing interaction to some great beats. This is the principal take a gander at the game since back June, when we got both the demo and broad glances at the game in real life at the Future Games Show and IGN’s Summer of Gaming occasion.

There’s presently still an interactivity video real time on Ghostrunner’s Steam page, on the other hand you can get 2 additional minutes of interactivity film which likewise debuted as a component of the show.

The trailer guarantees all the more new information on September 15, yet designer All in! Games previously shared their arrangements for an up and coming shut beta, your next opportunity to have a go at ghostrunning yourself. To be considered for the beta you need to join the authority Ghostrunner Discord worker and afterward round out an application structure. Beta enlistment closes September 13.


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