Sam and Dean Winchester are taking Baby out for one final excursion. The CW on Thursday delivered the main trailer for Supernatural’s last seven scenes, which commencement on Thursday, Oct. (8/7c).

Everything paves the way to the arrangement finale on Nov. 19 (9 pm), which will follow 60 minutes in length review uncommon named Supernatural: The Long Road Home.

Vital minutes from the 30-second trailer incorporate Castiel helping Dean to remember his own penances, Dean shaking that pink robe, and Jack tolerating his own shocking strategic. There’s additionally a lot of thoughtful love, including a second where Sam tells Dean, “My whole life, you’ve ensured me. It’s the main thing I’ve realized that was valid.”

Creation on the long-running arrangement’s last season was closed somewhere around the coronavirus pandemic, however as we’ve seen from ongoing in the background photographs via online media, the cast and group is presently back in Vancouver completing what they began 15 years prior. “We, The CW, and Warner Bros. completely mean to return and finish the arrangement,” chief maker Andrew Dabb told fans in March. “It is anything but a matter of ‘if,’ it’s a matter of ‘when.'”


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