First Nude Mod for Monster Hunter World Iceborne & First Male Nude Mod for Resident Evil 2 Remake

Monster Hunter World Iceborne has recently been discharged on the PC, and its first bare mod is accessible for download. Made by modder friccirf, this naked mod carries a high polygon female model to the game with wiggle activitys for the two boobs and butt.

Presently some of you may recall a Nude Mod we announced not long ago for Monster Hunter World. Sadly, that mod is never again accessible as it’s not perfect with Iceborne. In any case, this Female Nude Mod for Iceborne is a standout amongst other Nude mods we’ve seen, and you can get it from here. Moreover, modder ‘Sakura4’ discharged a Male Nude Mod for Iceborne. This mod replaces the layered covering Brigade, and you can get it from here.

Resident Evil 2 Remake turned out in January 2019, and it took modders close to 12 months to discharge a Male Nude Mod for it. Modder ‘Loxoss’ discharged this mod that replaces the DLC outfit “Arklay Sheriff” with “Nude Leon”. Clearly, this mod just works with Leon and not with Claire. You can get the mod from here.

As a little something extra, modder ‘mcdyn’ discharged another bare mod for Dragon Age Inquisition. This mod includes new naked surfaces for each of the couple of female Elf and Human characters. Likewise, modder ‘mcdyn’ discharged another bare mod for Mass Effect Andromeda.

Do note however that both Mass Effect Andromeda and Dragon Age Inquisition need more mods so they can work appropriately. Since these games utilize the Frostbite Engine, they likewise require the Frosty Mod Manager. All things considered, we recommend perusing cautiously their establishment directions.


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