This is the tortoise whose sex drive saved his species

The ace of enchantment was hailed as a rescuer by moderates at the San Diego Zoo 50 years back before they lent him to a group planning to support the tortoise populace of the island of Espanola, in the Galapagos Islands.

It would have been a difficult task for even the most devoted and alluring tortoise yet luckily – and regardless of being 100 years of age – Diego is both.

He was only one of 15 guys to partake in the reproducing program on Santa Cruz Island, yet Diego was by a long shot the best.

Espanola’s populace has now soared to incorporate more than 1,800 of the monster tortoise species known as Chelonoidis hoodensis and Diego is the patriarch of around 800 of them.

The executive of the Galapagos National Parks (GNP) administration, Jorge Carrion, told AFP: “He’s contributed an enormous rate to the heredity that we are coming back to Espanola.”There’s an inclination of satisfaction to have the plausibility of restoring that tortoise to his common state.”

Diego will presently be liberated from bondage and permitted to come back to the wild of Esponalo, close by his descendants, to eat leaves and possibly have more sex.

As per the GNP, Diego was most likely originally taken from the Galapagos 80 years back by researchers on an undertaking.


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