Leaked Morbius Photo Reveals Spider-Man’s Cameo In The Movie

As far back as the Spider-Man standoff among Marvel and Sony finished, with Tom Holland’s web-slinger remaining piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have thought about how the character would eventually factor into Sony’s own arrangement of comic book motion pictures. Kevin Feige conceded that Spidey was basically authoritatively committed to show up outside of the MCU, and with Sony purpose on building up their very own Marvel universe, there was for all intents and purposes no possibility that they would leave behind the chance to utilize their most attractive resource the principal chance they got.

The first Sony/Marvel venture out of the doors following the renegotiation of the arrangement is Morbius, which hits theaters in July. Star Jared Leto is without a doubt seeking after a superior gathering than he got the last time he played a pale comic book character, with his stretch as the Joker in the DCEU apparently being cleaned from the history books altogether.

The first Morbius trailer is showing up tomorrow first thing and we’ve just observed the main picture of Leto in all out Living Vampire mode. In any case, that apparently accompanies the proviso that the multi year-old stays in his human structure for by far most of the running time, with his undead adjust conscience just being released during the third demonstration.

And keeping in mind that despite everything we have somewhat of a hold up until that review shows up, we presently have another take a gander at the pic. Sent to us by a mysterious individual prior today, underneath you can perceive what has all the earmarks of being a screen capture pulled from the film that uncovers Spider-Man’s appearance. Obviously, is anything but an in-the-substance appearance, yet is rather increasingly like Stan Lee’s appearance from Deadpool 2, with the web-slinger being seen on the divider behind the main character.


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