Alienware’s Concept UFO Is Like A Switch That Plays PC Games

Alienware has flaunted another model during CES 2020, and it looks a horrendous part like the Nintendo Switch. The Concept UFO- – which, as the name recommends, is as yet an idea that the organization is working with as opposed to a settled item – is a convenient framework with a screen that can disengage from the controllers on either side of it, much like the Joy-Cons slide off the Switch.

CNET has gone hands-on with the Concept UFO, and said that, contrasted with numerous different models appeared at CES 2020, it “looks and feels completed, with a high level of clean.” The model comprises of a little Windows 10 tablet with two joined controllers on either side, and like the Switch it can yield to a greater screen too.

There’s no updates on a discharge date, or even positive affirmation that Alienware will discharge this as a customer item, as per CNET, however they report that World War Z was “shockingly playable” on the Concept UFO.

The Nintendo Switch, which fills in as the reasonable motivation for Concept UFO, is presently limited on eBay. Here’s our rundown of the best games on the framework.


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