Gretel & Hansel Trailer Teases a Nightmarish Fairy Tale

Some time ago, there were two kin who met a barbarian witch and needed to get away from her detestable rage…

Gretel and Hansel, a shocking film dependent on the story by the Brothers Grimm, just appeared its official trailer and it’s unnerving. When the pair meet the lady with a hunger for youngsters, they need to figure out how to outflank her before its past the point of no return.

From the outset, the old woman is decent: She invites them into her home and feeds them an immense blowout. At that point, things get ugly: Hansel and Gretel start seeing dreams, discovering carcasses, and finding that their “guardian” may have them on the supper table straightaway.

Gretel & Hansel, which stars Sophia Lillis and Alice Krige, hits theaters on Jan. 31.


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