Hideo Kojima Has Started Working On His Next Project

Following the resonating achievement and questionable response to Death Stranding, praised game executive Hideo Kojima has obviously started work on his next task.

As per the celebrated gaming industry figure’s Twitter account, Kojima considered going to see the film Last Christmas on Christmas Eve. Nonetheless, as opposed to watch Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding on the big screen, he wound up starting his next undertaking.

Two photographs were remembered for the Tweet. One was the Japanese notice for Last Christmas. Another demonstrated the work area in his office, which may give us understanding regarding what his next venture will be.

While his work area’s experience isn’t excessively uncovering, the picture of his work area incorporates the skull of a primate, just as the bust of a human. Be that as it may, he additionally has a few books spreading out as well, including Death’s End. There is additionally a book in Japanese with William Shatner’s Captain Kirk from Star Trek on it, just as a book titled The Dark Forest, which is the ancestor to Death’s End.

The books around his work area may provide us some insight concerning what Kojima might be dealing with. Most importantly, The Dark Forest and Death’s End are both piece of an arrangement called Remembrance of Earth’s Past. The books are of the sci-fi sort and have tangled plots, which appear to be definitely suited to Kojima’s abilities.

Then, some portion of the collection Ghosteen was devoted to Bad Seeds band part Conway Savage, who kicked the bucket of a cerebrum tumor of September 2018. All things considered, a portion of the verses are dedicatory and are topical of misfortune.

While it is hazy whether Kojima’s next undertaking will be a follow-up to or side project of Death Stranding or another task out and out, Kojima might be going in a more science fiction bearing with his next venture. This is made increasingly likely by the book with the picture of Captain Kirk on it. While a few pieces of Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid inclined toward sci-fi, they couldn’t be depicted as unadulterated sci-fi, so it is intriguing to see Kojima’s interpretation of the class.


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