New Harry Potter Movie Reportedly Set 20 Years Later, Might Start A New Series

They may have come up short on source material in 2011, yet Warner Bros. isn’t letting the Harry Potter brand kick the bucket. From that point forward, the studio have served up the prequel/side project Fantastic Beasts arrangement, and keeping in mind that these motion pictures have scratched Potterheads’ yearnings for another excursion to the Wizarding World, what we truly need is more from the characters we know and love from the first movies. What’s more, that is obviously something WB is presently allegedly taking a shot at.

We Got This Covered is hearing that, when the FB motion pictures are finished, the following true to life Harry Potter task will be a continuation of the initial eight films that gets the story 20 years after the fact, with a great part of the first cast said to be returning. As you’d expect, there’ll be a few likenesses with The Cursed Child arrange play, yet it won’t be a straight-up adjustment, as we recently announced.

Or maybe, our sources – similar ones who revealed to us Ace Ventura 3 is in early improvement, which the studio has since affirmed, and that Marvel is looking at Daniel Radcliffe for Moon Knight, we additionally know to be valid – have given us a report on the undertaking and are stating that specific story subtleties will to be sure be persisted, however there will likewise be a few new components to the plot. Evidently, the central purpose of the film will rotate around Voldemort’s little girl endeavoring to revive her malevolent dad.

In addition, as you’d expect, there are trusts that this motion picture will kickstart another arrangement and if that occurs, it’d evidently center around Albus Severus Potter, Harry’s most youthful child who makes a big appearance in the epilog scene of The Deathly Hallows and furthermore shows up unmistakably in Cursed Child. Sources state WB see a great deal of potential in youthful Albus, as well, and would like to situate him as the new hero of the establishment.

Maker J.K. Rowling would, obviously, compose the content and from what we comprehend, they’d like David Yates to guide it. Despite the fact that she didn’t add to the screenplays of the initial eight movies, Rowling has written the entirety of the Fantastic Beasts motion pictures while Yates has helmed each portion in the Wizarding World adventure since The Order of the Phoenix.

As usual, plans could positively change after some time as things move rapidly in Hollywood – recollect when MCU Cosmic guaranteed Avengers 4 was titled Avengers: Annihilation? – however this is surely the bearing that the task is going in now. What’s more, given that this data comes to us from similar sources who uncovered that Rey is Palpatine’s [SPOILERS] in The Rise of Skywalker, a She-Hulk show is in progress for Disney Plus and Tom Holland is in talks for a Venom 2 appearance, all of which have since been affirmed, we have no motivation to question it.


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