Mark Hamill Says He’s Down To Join The Witcher For Season 2

The Witcher is currently on Netflix and demonstrating to be a really success for them. Truth be told, the spilling monster has just arranged up a subsequent season, while the show’s official maker, Lauren S. Hissrich, is working diligently plotting out a story that will take many, numerous years to unfurl.

Presenting to us a determinedly develop take on the legend, there’s clearly a huge amount of material to draw motivation from as the demonstrate keeps on playing out. What’s more, however season 1 previously acquainted us with a huge amount of extraordinary characters, there are as yet many, a lot increasingly simply standing by to make their introduction and one of them’s Vesemir, “a matured and experienced Witcher” who’s a dad figure of sorts for Henry Cavill’s Geralt.

There’s no word yet on in the event that we’ll in fact observe Vesemir in season 2, however in the event that we do, it appears Mark Hamill’s keen on assuming the job. Taking to Twitter, the Star Wars legend admitted to not being acquainted with The Witcher, yet said he’d be down to join the show in any case in the previously mentioned part.


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