‘Ip Man 4’ Trailer: They Got Donnie Yen to Come Back for One Final Round

Donnie Yen has been playing Ip Man for over 10 years. Presently the adventure of Yen’s Wing Chun grandmaster is reaching a conclusion, similarly as Ip Man comes to America in Ip Man 4. Ip Man 4 pursues the hand to hand fighting expert as he lands in San Francisco where his well known understudy, Bruce Lee, has shaken up the nearby combative techniques network by opening a Wing Chun school. Watch the Ip Man 4 trailer beneath.

Following quite a while of Yen being apparently hesitant to come back to the job that he started in 2008, Ip Man 4 appears to be a commendable send-off of the character — however the establishment can probably live on in powerful side projects like Master Z: Ip Man Legacy. What other place would we be able to get our nationalistic combative techniques motion pictures where China demonstrates its predominance through blustering confrontations? In any case, it is somewhat ambivalent to see Yen leave the job that was so consummately fit to him.


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