Right now, there are huge amounts of inquiries encompassing how Marvel will bring the X-Men into the MCU. One of the greatest however is what will they do with Wolverine? All things considered, he’s indeed the most notable individual from the group and is definitely a need for Kevin Feige and co., yet it’ll absolutely be hard to relaunch Logan with another on-screen character when Hugh Jackman’s presentation is still so notorious. That is the reason it bodes well that we’re hearing that Marvel’s presently trusting they can draw the Aussie back.

We’ve just disclosed to you that the studio might want Jackman back in the job if he will return and keeping in mind that they’re additionally considering offering him the piece of Doctor Doom in the event that he wouldn’t like to repeat Wolvie, we’re currently becoming aware of another fairly intriguing thought. In spite of the fact that this is just being examined inside right now, we’ve been educated by our sources – similar ones who revealed to us that the Inhumans will be rebooted, Taskmaster will be the scoundrel in Black Widow and a Nova motion picture is in dynamic advancement, all of which we presently know to be valid – that Feige is considering approaching Jackman back for Secret Wars.

Indeed, as you may’ve heard, Marvel are in the beginning times of building up a film dependent on one of the most popular comic book bends, and if Jackman somehow managed to show up in it, he’d play a Wolverine from another earth. As our sources put it, “he’ll make some one memories job as Wolverine from the Fox-refrain, since the motion picture highlights characters from the Marvel multiverse coming in to battle one another.”


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