New smart glasses coming from Qualcomm and Pokemon Go creator Niantic

There’s a race for the following incredible pair of keen glasses. Apple is supposedly dealing with a couple. So is Facebook. What’s more, Niantic Labs, maker of AR telephone games Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, said Thursday it’s teaming up with Qualcomm on a reference structure arrangement that will blend equipment, programming and cloud administrations, utilizing a simply declared ARVR Snapdragon XR2 chip for telephone and sans pc headsets.

It’s indistinct whether Niantic plans to sell its own AR keen glasses or whether this is an undertaking to empower others to figure out how to co-produce for telephone and headset AR simultaneously. As indicated by Qualcomm XR head Hugo Swart, “We construct a reference configuration to empower other equipment producers to market.” He wouldn’t affirm Niantic’s arrangements past that, and neither would Niantic.

The thruway is covered with endeavors like Google Glass, Snap Spectacles, Vuzix Blade and others. Be that as it may, with VR and AR getting a revitalizing burst of energy and Apple proceeding to drive glasses-based gossipy tidbits, this Niantic venture could some time or another accomplish for shrewd glasses what the organization accomplished for telephone based AR games.


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