Apex Legends’ Most Overpowered Gun Has Been Nerfed

Apex Legends as of late got a significant update that expanded the level top and acquainted various different changes with Respawn’s popular fight royale game. In any case, in the midst of these enormous changes, one component continued as before – the predominance of the Peacekeeper shotgun, which remained overwhelmed after a before, light nerf. Fortunately, Respawn guaranteed that the weapon would be fixed, and after a short hold up a change has been actualized.

The Apex Legends Twitter account has clarified that the most recent server fix checked the shotgun’s fundamental issue – the pellet spread and jolt hit size enabled players to score modest executes with it. After these changes, that will be increasingly troublesome.

These progressions imply that the firearm won’t be so lethal presently, regardless of whether you have the Precision Choke prepared. While the firearm is still exceptionally amazing, players will currently need to have better plan to do the most harm conceivable with it. The EVA-8 has likewise had its jolt hit size diminished to manage comparative issues.


These progressions were guaranteed in the 3.2 fix notes, and it’s incredible to see them actualized so rapidly. Players who hop on before January 14, 2020 can likewise get themselves a free Star Wars skin for Pathfinder.


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