YouTuber takes down Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Leon using only Magikarp

There is a lot of new and attractive Pokemon in Sword and Shield for players to catch, however that doesn’t mean players are especially inspired by them.

One YouTuber chose to take things up an indent and challenge Leon, the last manager of the principle story, to a fight utilizing just a Magikarp. In any case, this Magikarp was quite serious as it was level 100, and had a huge arrangement of moves that could assist in any circumstance.

Leon has a lot of amazing Pokemon you’d figure a Magikarp would be no counterpart for, for example, Charizard and Mr. Rime, however this humble fish was more than capable.

YouTuber PokeTips could have recently disclosed to us he vanquished Leon with the Magikarp, yet rather he gave us a brief video that experiences the whole fight, and uncovered exactly what it took to pull it off.

It boiled down to a ton of karma, such as contradicting Pokemon missing their assaults, the utilization of certain things, and in particular: a level 100 Magikarp with Hydro Pump.

By one way or another, someway, this almighty Magikarp had the option to leave away with the triumph without anyone else’s input, and the what tops off an already good thing was seeing an image of the player character and the fish with the trophy.

That will consistently fill in as a suggestion to what should be possible on the off chance that you put enough in enough work, regardless of whether all that work is towards a Magikarp.

Starting with Sword and Shield, that Magikarp can in reality still develop into a Gyarados using a technique that wasn’t beforehand accessible.


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