Bluepoint’s Mysterious PS5 Game Will Become Studio’s Proudest Achievement

It’s old news now, yet Bluepoint Games has been entrusted with making a gigantic title for the PlayStation 5 – and many trust it will be a Demon’s Souls change. This game, as per president Marco Thrush, will turn into the studio’s most prominent accomplishment to date – an amazing accomplishment when you think about that the Texas group has contacted acclaimed PlayStation 2 title Shadow of the Colossus twice.

“There’s no doubt in our psyches that our present venture will turn into the accomplishment we’re generally glad for,” the official prodded as a major aspect of a meeting with Segment Next. Shockingly, he avoided sharing further subtleties, focusing on that all will be uncovered when Sony’s prepared to discuss it. You’ll need to hold on until that PS5 uncover occasion, at that point – it will be enormous.


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