How to get Tesla’s Cybertruck in GTA V

The Cybertruck started some fascinating on the web responses following it’s uncover toward the finish of November. The cutting edge looking truck was marked “idiotic” by Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, while Dr Disrespect asserted Elon Musk would need to blessing him one, by and by, for him to get in the driver’s seat.

While bits of the uncover may have become an image, GTA V PC players have rushed to add the special vehicle to their carports with the assistance of a couple of mods.

GTA YouTuber Fred Walkthrough, who has flaunted vehicle mods for the uber-well known sandbox game previously, displayed the new Cybertruck by having a good time with it around Los Santos.

Presently, it’s not totally precise – that is entirely difficult to do because of the one of a kind sort of the vehicle – yet it’s a really decent beginning stage at any rate. The YouTuber, who chipped away at including the mod himself, noticed that it’s a work in progress yet handed over a connect to one energetic player who needed it in any case – so it’ll be an instance of remarking and soliciting as from now.

Following the uncover back on November 22, Elon Musk tweeted out a photograph of the Cybertruck, with Cyberpunk 2077 engineer answering that they “had an arrangement.” As fans went ballistic with fervor, Musk terminated back with “See ya in 2077,” complete with a winking emoticon.


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