It would appear that the devs behind Age of Empires 4 are placing a great deal of thought into how to expedite new players board. As indicated by the up and coming game’s innovative chief, they are “utilizing a huge amount of things,” including investigation based instructional exercises and Art of War-style missions to enable new players to stall out in when it dispatches.

In a meeting at X019, we inquired as to whether AoE4 would be a decent bouncing in point for new players, and how it is open to them. “There’s a great deal of things we’re doing,” Isgreen lets us know, saying he shockingly can’t uncover excessively yet as “a ton of it turns on the things we’re doing around crusades. I will say that we’re accomplishing something totally extraordinary that is never been done during a time game previously, or – I can’t think about another game where you can do what we’re accomplishing for crusades in Age.”

“When we get to 4, because our civilisations are further apart now, you can bet that the Art of War section of it will also have scenarios dealing with those specific civilisations.” These are just some of the ways they’re trying to bring players in, Isgreen says.


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