Most bundles of Index, Valve’s top of the line VR headset discharged not long ago, are sold out after a week ago’s declaration of Half-Life: Alyx. In the event that Valve is depending on Half-Life: Alyx being an executioner application for VR, early signs propose they may simply get their desire.

While Valve’s Index headset was put in a raincheck for at dispatch prior this year, a couple of months after the fact it got accessible for ‘quick sending’ and stock seems to have held relentless from that point forward… up to this point.

Following a week ago’s declaration of Half-Life: Alyx, most Index bundles—the headset-just, controllers-just, and headset + controller bundles—are presently recorded in the US and Canadian stores as sold out with a ‘Back in Stock Soon’ message instead of the request button.

With respect to the ‘full unit’ bundle (headset + controllers + base stations) in the US, Valve is prompting that anybody requesting today can “expect conveyance before December 25th,” almost a month from now.

While Valve has affirmed that Half-Life: Alyx will be good with all PC VR headsets by means of Steam, the game is required to have best on Index thanks in influence to the propelled finger-following abilities of the Index controllers. Valve likewise reported that it would give Alyx away to any proprietors of Index equipment (headset or controllers).


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