New ‘Star Wars 9’ trailer Easter egg could reveal a huge Baby Yoda spoiler

At the point when Star Wars discharged the “last” trailer for Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker we expected it would be, well, the last trailer. Rather, Lucasfilm keeps on bombarding fans with a progression of shorter TV spots, uncovering new bits of film on a practically everyday schedule. The most recent Star Wars trailer incorporates a couple of all the more energizing minutes, yet the music could be the most noteworthy part — and it may very well uncover how The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda associate with the last motion picture in the Skywalker adventure.

Watch the most recent Rise of Skywalker trailer again and focus on the music. Does it sound commonplace? If not, you may be expected for an Empire Strikes Back rewatch on Disney+ on the grounds that we’re almost certain we’re hearing Yoda’s subject from Episode V.

The way that we haven’t seen Baby Yoda in Episode VII or VIII raises some warnings, however. Where has the little person been hanging out? Is it accurate to say that he is covering up on Dagobah like the first Yoda? Did he need to return to his home planet? Does Werner Herzog get his hands on Baby Yoda and take all his midi-chlorian juice?

Despite everything we have no clue what happens to Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian, yet in the event that he doesn’t appear in The Rise of Skywalker it could feel like a botched chance to carry the web’s most recent fixation to the big screen. Also, considering this Yoda Easter egg in the most recent Episode IX trailer, Lucasfilm might be implying that is actually what occurs.

Obviously, accepting Baby Yoda shows up in Episode IX, that is no assurance it will be sufficient to beat Emperor Sheev Palpatine. All things considered, recall what happened to Yoda back in Revenge of the Sith when he attempted to take on Palps without anyone else? Last time, Sheev through the whole Senate at Yoda, so who comprehends what he’ll do straightaway.


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