Marvel Confirms the Future Captain America Is a Woman

The Super Soldier serum which transformed Steve Rogers into Captain Americahas did some incredible things for the Marvel legend. Everything about his physical capacities was improved and the rate at which he ages was eased back. Be that as it may, the day will come when not in any case the serum can anticipate Steve Rogers from arriving at an age at which his body quits working and he bites the dust, definitely giving the mantle of Captain America to another person. While the motion pictures appear to dish that mantle over to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson (something which will be investigated in the Disney+ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier arrangement), the funnies are investigating the century’s end and giving the mantle to a lady named Roberta Mendez.

The 80th commemoration of Marvel Comics required a look 80 years into the future, a setting not so much new to Marvel fans. Wonder 2099 commenced with SpiderMan 2099, sending Miguel O’Hara back to the present day in the Marvel Universe, where he affirmed the new personality of Captain America to be Mendez. Mendez and the future legends may require some assistance in their time of bedlam as O’Hara just came back to what is the past for him and his pack of saints to attempt to enlist some assistance.

It is accepted that this future course of events is that of the fundamental Earth-616 world in which the primary Marvel Universe exists. It isn’t the first run through a lady has been Captain America in a Marvel comic, nonetheless, it would be the first run through in the Earth-616 universe. Already, Danielle Cage became future Captain America on Earth-15061. Beforehand, the 2099 timetable in Marvel Comics was named as occurring on Earth-23291 yet Nick Lowe’s remarks about this being the “eventual fate of the Marvel Universe” appears to show that the occasions of present day Earth-616 may prompt this future.


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