Pokemon Sword and Shield Turns Stonehenge Into an Actual Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield has a Pokemon that is only a vivified piece of Stonehenge. Pokemon fans accepted right off the bat that Pokemon Sword and Shield would contain some reference to Stonehenge, the old landmark worked in England for obscure purposes a large number of years prior. In addition to the fact that stonehenge is one of England’s most famous locales, Game Freak appears to appreciate placing standing stones and antiquated landmarks into its games. While Pokemon Sword and Shield includes a whole city brimming with various standing stones, there’s likewise a Pokemon that is truly Stonehenge woken up.

One of the new Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is Stonjourner, a Rock-type Pokemon that is only a lot of standing stones with a face on them. The Pokemon’s “legs” are the biggest piece of the Pokemon, and they’re associated by a lintel obstruct that has a few extra stones stacked upon it. Stonjourner likewise has two arms comprising of enormous hinders that appear to be approximately associated with its head. Here’s a nearby take a gander at Stonjourner:

Not exclusively is the Pokemon an unmistakable reverence to Stonehenge, Stonjourner likewise clearly frames Stonehenge in the Pokemon world. As per its Pokedex passage, a gathering of Stonjourner accumulate once every year to shape a circle. Stonjourner additionally appreciates watching the sun’s plummet from its pinnacle to the skyline, a reasonable reference to Stonehenge’s conjectured use as an antiquated schedule. The Pokemon additionally appreciates kicking things with its monstrous legs, which each gauge several pounds. We’ll take note of that Stonjourner is littler than the stone monuments at Stonehenge Stonejourner gauges a simple 1,142 pounds contrasted with singular stones at Stonehenge weighing around 25 tons (or around 50,000 pounds) a piece.

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