Rumour: Half-Life: Alyx is the next VR game from Valve, Releases in March 2020

Two days back, we educated you about the probability regarding seeing the following Valve VR game and Elden Ring one month from now. What’s more, it shows up we were correct. Prior today, a leaker – who was likewise liable for the DOTA Underlords spill – has uncovered the primary insights regarding Half-Life: Alyx .

Valve’s VR game will be called Half-Life: Alyx, will be declared at the Video Game Awards 2019, and focuses on a March 2020 discharge. Or if nothing else that is the thing that the leaker claims.

The leaker released a bit from a meeting between Geoff Keighley and two of Valve’s representatives. We do realize that Keighley and his group is right now practicing the VGA 2019, so this really sounds conceivable.

As indicated by the release, Half-Life: Alyx began as a VR investigation game. Besides, Valve doesn’t at present intend to discharge a progressively “conventional” adaptation that PC gamers can play with the mouse and console.

What’s additionally intriguing here is that Valve intends to make more games after Half-Life: Alyx. As one anonymous Valve representative guaranteed during the meeting.


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