Cause determined in Jessi Combs’ fatal speed record crash

Jessi Combs’ deadly rapid accident was brought about by “a mechanical disappointment of the front wheel, undoubtedly caused from strikacing an article on the desert,” as indicated by the Harney County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon. This data comes to us two months after Combs’ terrible mishap on the dry lake bed of the Alvord Desert. Brushes was 39 years of age.

The examination presumed that the front wheel disappointment “prompted the front wheel get together crumbling.” The sheriff’s area of expertise says this occurred at velocities moving toward 550 mph. Both the Harney County Sheriff’s Office and the North American Eagle Race Team gathered proof from the scene to arrive at this resolution.

Her reason for death was resolved to be gruff power injury to the head, which occurred before the vehicle was inundated on fire. No other authority data in regards to the accident was discharged.

Brushes was an amazingly outstanding racer, fabricator and a long-term host of Autoblog’s “The List” video arrangement, and it is with crushing sadness that we pass on this news to you today. The sheriff’s office finished up its discharge by passing on “its sympathies to the group of Jessi Combs and the North American Eagle Race Team.”


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