Suicide Squad: Check Out this Image of Jared Leto’s Joker from a Deleted Scene

Jared Leto, and the Joker he played in Suicide Squad, have been in the news a great deal nowadays, what with THR’s article expressing the entertainer felt caught unaware by Warner Bros. at the point when they greenlit an independent Joker film separate from his character, and that Leto purportedly attempted to put a stop to the Todd Phillips’ film when it was being developed.

Separate from this, we likewise realized that a ton of Leto’s Joker scenes from 2016’s Suicide Squad got cut from the last film.

Which carries us to executive David Ayer’s post on Instagram, which uncovered a picture if Leto’s Joker from one of those cut scenes. Furthermore, from the vibes of things, Joker’s not very satisfied with Harley Quinn.

Ayer posted the image with this quote:

“Movies are fragile. They are like dreams, haunting moments that run from your vision. They have their own logic and truth. If you change the destination after the trip is complete is it still the same journey? The spine of Suicide Squad was Harley’s journey. In many ways it was her movie, her escaping her relationship with Joker was the major emotional through line. A director holds an invisible compass in their hands. It guides every shot, every performance. That compass points to the destination. If the destination changes did the journey even happen?”

It’s surely feels like this picture, demonstrating a (truly) harmed Joker holding a firearm to Harley’s head, happens after the accident of Joker’s helicopter, directly as he was attempting to “salvage” her from the Suicide Squad.


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