Modern Warfare easter egg could tease Playstation 5 release date

Modern Warfare is Activision’s most recent portion in the Call of Duty arrangement and players have been occupied with investigating the crusade and multiplayer modes. One of the most fascinating things they’ve found so far has been an Activision game support, which could contain clues towards the PS5(Modern Warfare easter egg).

The alleged ‘Actibase‘ comfort shows up on the London battle organize and the Tavorsk District ground war map. Honorable obligation YouTuber ItsKapow found an Actibase ad on Tavorsk District that contains the date “25.11.2020”. The Playstation 5 is likewise set to turn out in 2020 – so this advert in the Modern Warfare universe could be an indicate when the framework will drop.

Obviously, it could simply be an arbitrary date picked by designers for the in-game advert – yet the PlayStation 4 likewise turned out in November, that month alluded to in the promotion.


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