Users complain iOS 13.2 is too aggressive in killing background apps

iOS 13.2 can be truly exasperating to utilize when you need to perform multiple tasks over a few applications, as indicated by different client tales. Much more terrible, that is by all accounts the case regardless of whether you have an iPhone 11 Pro or an iPad Pro. MacRumors has gathered a lot of client grumblings from different sources, discussing the portable stage’s forceful RAM the executives framework. Clearly, iOS 13.2 will in general reload applications each time you get to them from the foundation despite the fact that not a great deal of time has passed. Therefore, you lose whatever it is you’re doing or watching, making performing various tasks much increasingly troublesome.

One analyst said they put YouTube out of sight for one moment to answer to a content. When they came back to YouTube – on an iPhone 11 Pro – it had just reloaded and lost the video they were viewing. Other individuals had comparative encounters and grumbled that YouTube continues reviving each time they stop what they’re viewing. Thus, Nick Heer of PixelEnvy said his Messages and Safari applications continued invigorating each time he foregrounded them. “Safari can’t keep even a solitary tab open out of sight, each application boots without any preparation, and utilizing iOS feels like it has relapsed to the pre-performing various tasks days,” he composed.

A lot of comparative objections were additionally posted on Apple’s help gathering, Reddit, Twitter and different roads. Managing a bug that influences your capacity to perform multiple tasks on a telephone can be unfathomably disappointing, particularly in the event that you have one of Apple’s most costly gadgets. We’ve connected with the tech mammoth for an announcement and will refresh you when we hear back.


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