You probably won’t understand this, however Samsung has its own one of a kind network social application for its clients. It’s called Samsung Members, and it’s helpful for investigating and collaborating with other Samsung fans. It’s clearly additionally valuable for sharing photographs of your genitalia.

Late Wednesday night, as a significant part of the nation was getting a charge out of a strained completion to the World Series, the Samsung Members application was facilitating a major ole donger. The phallic photograph was obviously up front on the first page of the application and stayed there for quite a long time before any move was made.

Various Samsung cell phone clients started griping about the peculiar episode on Twitter, screenshotting the application’s social channel which noticeably highlighted the dingus. The posting was considerably progressively peculiar on the grounds that it was joined by an unusual tirade about “morons.”

It’s misty precisely what number of individuals saw the post and photograph, however the view counter notes that it had been seen more than multiple times. The counter obviously quits counting sees once that number is come to, so we’ll never realize what number of individuals got a startling device in their face after opening the Samsung Members application.

Many other Samsung clients answered to the post, the majority of which utilized it as a chance to gripe about Samsung’s absence of balance of the application. Others simply had a decent snicker to the detriment of the dong-pic-notice and proceeded onward.

It’s enticing to expect that whoever made the post incidentally picked the x-appraised photograph from their camera roll, yet whatever the case, unmistakably Samsung ought to likely expand its control endeavors to keep a wonder such as this from happening once more. On the other hand, I’ve claimed three Samsung cell phones in the previous five years or something like that and never at any point knew this application existed, so maybe this was the arrangement from the beginning.


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