Japan just Unveiled a Supercar made out of Wood

Japan simply revealed its vision for the vehicle of things to come — and it’s produced using wood.

In particular, the vehicle’s whole body and quite a bit of its auxiliary tub are made of cellulose nanofiber, a super-solid, super-light material got from plants.

Twenty-two gatherings added to making the vehicle, which Japan’s Ministry of the Environment revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show this week — however dependent on what we know up until now, the wooden vehicle is a long way from street prepared.

The wooden vehicle absolutely looks cutting edge, with its butterfly entryways and sharp points. In any case, it’s difficult to state exactly how close the vehicle goes to the group’s expressed objective of a 10 percent weight decrease, and insights regarding what’s in the engine are rare.

Carscoops reported that the vehicle is “thought to include a hydrogen power device and have a top speed topped at a minor 12 mph (20 km/h).” If that is valid, it appears this vehicle is an amazingly early idea — except if, obviously, Japan imagines individuals driving incredibly, gradually later on.

Source:  https://futurism.com/the-byte/japan-made-wooden-car 

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