iFixit has finished its conventional teardown of Apple’s most recent AirPods and, similarly as Apple guaranteed, it’s terrible news for fixes. The association granted the clamor dropping buds a huge zero repairability score, noticing that their “non-secluded, stuck together structure and absence of new parts makes fix both illogical and uneconomical.” That’s a similar score as the two forms of the first AirPods.

This implies once the battery in your $249 AirPods Pro corrupts and in the long run bites the dust, there’s no way of fixing them yourself. Rather, you’ll need to send them back to Apple for reusing, or participate in the “battery administration” program at an expense of $49-per-earbud out of guarantee.

The teardown reveals several fascinating insights regarding the plan of the earbuds. First is the way that they’re an entire third heavier than the first AirPods, on account of new highlights like dynamic clamor scratch-off, and an internal confronting receiver. The teardown additionally noticed that the one client replaceable piece of the earbuds, the silicone ear-tip, utilizes a specially craft that makes them inconsistent with outsider models. All things considered, the prevalence of the AirPods everything except ensures different organizations will make outsider tips soon.

It’s nothing unexpected that the AirPods Pro are an expendable item, intended to be as little and lightweight as could reasonably be expected. Furthermore, contrasted with the measure of waste created by the buyer gadgets industry, the natural effect of each AirPod Pro is probably going to be low. In any case, as Apple brags about the sum sustainable power source its structures use, and the measure of reused materials it utilizes in its items, it’s a disgrace to see one of its greatest item accomplishments as of late remain so dispensable.

Source:  https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/10/31/20941467/airpods-pro-ifixit-teardown-repair-disposable-battery-replacement 

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